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SRP is not an official Volvo dealer or VOLVO distributor. SRP does not have any direct or indirect business relationship with Volvo Company that supplies spare parts for VOLVO Construction Equipment . All Volvo numbers, symbols and descriptions used on our website are for reference purposes only.

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Wheel Loaders Aftermarket Replacement Spare Parts and OEM Parts

More Powerful Than Ever In Aftermarket and OEM Spare Parts for Swedish Construction Machinery

SRP Company is one of the most leading Swedish spare parts manufacturer and distributor all around the world. With 24 years of experience in this sector and export to more than 94 countries, this company has been able to fulfill all customer demands and satisfaction.

Why Aftermarket Parts!?


In manufacturing the aftermarket parts, all the aspects of accuracy, stability and quality have been considered to be similar to the original parts and even better than them. These parts prices are cost effective for customers. According to this, all the Swedish manufactured aftermarket parts have 6 months warranty.

On Time Delivery (OTD)

Good Quality + Good Price + On Time Delivery = SRP Sadid Road Parts (Customer Satisfaction)

Dear valued customer, by entering the SRP PARTS CENTER section, you can search your ideal parts for Wheel Loaders.


With a range of over 11000 SRP - OEM and Genuine

  1. Engine System
  2. Electrical System
  3. Power Transmissions
  4. Brake System
  5. Steering System
  6. Frame, Springs, Damping, Axle Suspension
  7. Machinery House,Cab,Exterior Trim Parts
  8. Hydraulic System

616B Volvo BM
646 Volvo BM
4200 Volvo BM
4200B Volvo BM
4300 Volvo BM
4300B Volvo BM
4400 Volvo BM
4500 Volvo BM
4600 Volvo BM
4600B Volvo BM
6300 Volvo BM
EL70 Volvo BM
EL70C Volvo BM
L50 Volvo BM
L50B Volvo BM
L50C Volvo
L50C Volvo BM
L50C OR Volvo
L50C OR Volvo BM

L50D Volvo
L50E Volvo
L60E Volvo
L60E OR Volvo
L60F Volvo
L60G Volvo
L60G Z Volvo
L60H Volvo
L70 Volvo BM
L70B Volvo BM
L70C Volvo
L70C Volvo BM
L70D Volvo
L70D OR Volvo
L70E Volvo
L70E OR Volvo
L70F Volvo
L70G Volvo
L70H Volvo

L90 Volvo BM
L90 CO Volvo BM
L90B Volvo BM
L90C Volvo
L90C Volvo BM
L90C OR Volvo
L90C OR Volvo BM
L90D Volvo
L90D OR Volvo
L90E Volvo
L90E OR Volvo
L90F Volvo
L90G Volvo
L90G Z Volvo
L90H Volvo
L105 Volvo
L110E Volvo
L110F Volvo
L110G Volvo

L110H Volvo
L120 Volvo BM
L120B Volvo BM
L120C Volvo
L120C Volvo BM
L120D Volvo
L120E Volvo
L120F Volvo
L120G Volvo
L120G Z Volvo
L120H Volvo
L150 Volvo BM
L150C Volvo BM
L150C Volvo
L150C LB Volvo
L150D Volvo
L150E Volvo
L150F Volvo
L150G Volvo

L150H Volvo
L160 Volvo BM
L160 CO Volvo BM
L180 Volvo BM
L180 CO Volvo BM
L180 HL Volvo BM
L180C Volvo
L180C Volvo BM
L180C CO Volvo BM
L180C CO Volvo
L180C HL Volvo
L180C HL Volvo BM
L180D Volvo
L180D HL Volvo
L180E Volvo
L180E HL Volvo
L180F Volvo
L180F HL Volvo
L180G Volvo

L180G HL Volvo
L180H Volvo
L180H HL Volvo
L220D Volvo
L220E Volvo
L220F Volvo
L220G Volvo
L220H Volvo
L250G Volvo
L250H Volvo
L330C Volvo
330C Volvo BM
L330C LL Volvo BM
L330C LL Volvo
L330D Volvo
L330E Volvo
L350F Volvo

Volvo Wheel Loaders (WLO)

SRP products are of three types


1-SRP Parts: SRP Parts are those items which have been manufactured by this company and these parts include 6500 items of our current range.
2-OEM Parts: OEM Parts (OEM is the abbreviation for Original equipment manufacturer) are those parts which are produced by OEM manufacturers and in fact are original parts but with no logo and packing. These parts include 4500 items of our current range.
3-Genuine parts: these parts are being supplied by Swedish Company.

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