SRP's code of conduct covers a variety of subjects including human rights and safety in the workplace, environmental issues, and business ethics. The purpose is defining a standard for the company’s social responsibility within the abovementioned areas.

1. An ethical workplace

SRP promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices and makes decisions based solely on job-related criteria. At SRP we treat each other with respect and dignity and all members are entitled to work in an environment free of harassment, bullying, discrimination, threatening or terroristic behaviour. No form of physical or verbal abuse, whether directed at people within or without our sphere of activity, will be tolerated. Regardless of race, skin color, gender, religion, political opinion, nationality or social background, all people are treated the same.

2. Environment

SRP conducts its operations in a sustainable way and in compliance with the environment. Environmental protection is a priority to us. We strive to reduce the impacts of our activities and products on the environment, manage our operations ecologically, and take necessary measures in order to prevent pollution in all forms.

3. Business ethics

All types of corruption, bribery and similar activities are strictly forbidden. Each employee has a responsibility to ensure that the company will not get involved in corruption.
Both active and passive bribery is illegal. Neither employees nor any other person representing such as agents, suppliers, joint venture partners or others, may on any occasion, neither directly or indirectly, offer anything of value to any person to gain an advantage or as a reward for a favour.
Standards in respect of business activities, advertising and competition shall be maintained

4. Safety as a MUST

We firmly believe that a healthy work environment, both physically and psychologically, is essential to our business success.
We also strive to continuously develop, communicate and promote health and safety awareness amongst all members.