Having an ‎experience of several decades in manufacturing aftermarket spare parts and ‎‎cooperating ‎‎‎‎with ‎OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), SRP has become one of the ‎‎pioneers in the field of ‎‎‎‎‎mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, transmission, ‎axle‎, ‎attachment‎, ‎undercarriage‎, cabin ‎‎and ‎‎frame replacement parts suitable for Volvo construction ‎equipment.‎ Our products and services ‎have been developing over time with the present status described below.‎

Brand-New Parts

Currently, we are supplying more than 25000 replacement parts suitable for Volvo construction ‎‎‎equipment including 16000+ items branded as SRP and 9000+ items produced by OEMs. New ‎items ‎‎are also continuously added to this range according to the constant market analysis results.‎ ‎


Spare parts branded as SRP are produced under the supervision of highly qualified members using ‎the most modern technologies. At SRP factories, quality is kept in mind during the whole ‎production process from purchasing raw materials to the finished ‎product as our most important ‎criterion.‎
After our R&D team is done with the required research and reverse engineering is conducted, ‎depending on the type of item, the required molds are made through casting or forging.
In some ‎cases, our engineering team makes some changes in the technical specifications according to the ‎feedback received from our experienced partners/customers in order to improve an item’s ‎functionality, durability, etc.

When it comes to purchasing raw materials, they are often purchased in bulk so that the quality is ‎as consistent as possible over time and in different productions. ‎
In addition to performing every single step as carefully as possible and monitoring the progress, all ‎the ‎required analyses are conducted to ensure that the final product meets the pre-defined ‎‎requirements.
The final analyses might be performed on all items or just randomly on some items ‎based on the sensitivity of the product.


Used & Remanufactured

In addition to supplying a wide range of brand-new high quality SRP and OEM components for your ‎heavy duty Volvo machine, we offer a number of other services and products backed by our Dubai ‎branch. ‎

SRP Dubai was established in 2019 with the aim of supplying used and remanufactured spare parts. ‎Right now, we have a considerable number of used/remanufactured spare parts for Volvo CE in our ‎Dubai warehouse which will be dispatched to customers directly.


A group of experienced and ‎skilfull technicians are running our workshop at SRP Dubai.‎
Other potentials at SRP Dubai are getting your own machine’s used engine/gearbox and
returning ‎it ‎to you remanufactured, and buying and selling the machine itself.‎

For more information you can visit SRP Dubai website ……… or contact us if you need to receive ‎used spare parts or remanufacturing services for your heavy duty Volvo ‎machine’s components

Dead Stock Buyer

Facing a big quantity of slow/non-moving stock and, thereby sustainig unnecessary expenses?‎
Want to clear up some space on your warehosue shelves and use the money to improve your ‎business?‎
No matter it is a small or large quantity, SRP will buy your dead stock items for VOLVO CE all ‎over the world.