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SRP Live Help

Install & Configure SRP Live Help Client

System Requirements

Install SRP Live Help Client in any of these Windows System (Windows Vista, Server 2003, 2008, 7, 8).
Minimum hardware requirements: Processor: 1 GHz RAM: 1 GB Disk Space: 2 GB
Client application requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed. If not, the installer will download automatically from the website.
To install manually, you can download .NET framework from

Installing SRP Live Help

1-Download SRP Live Help Client.
2-Save the installation file to your desktop.
3-Right-click the installation file (SRPLiveHelpSetup.exe) and select Run as administrator.
4-Follow the instructions to install client.
5-Click Finish when you are done.

Firewall Configuration

If you are using Windows Firewall:
By default installer will add SRPLiveHelp.exe (located in the installed folder) in Windows Firewall Allowed Applications.

You can verify by following steps :
1-In Windows Control Panel > Click Windows Firewall.
2-In the Left Panel, Click Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.
3-You can find “SRP Live Help” & it is enabled.
4-If not, Click Change settings, then Click Allow another app…
5-Browse to SRP Live Help installed folder (default C:\Program Files (x86)\SRP Live Help) & select SRPLiveHelp.exe.
6-Make sure Private network type is selected & select Public if you want to allow communication on that network, and then Click OK.

Note: Adding application in Windows firewall exception list is recommended & no need to open any port in Windows Firewall for SRP Live Help Messenger.
If you are using any other Firewall, based on its configuration you can add SRPLiveHelp.exe in the application exception list.

SRP Live Help First Run

1-Login using the user account details created by SRP IT Department.
2-On successful login, you will be displayed the Users List.

Uninstall SRP Live Help

To Uninstall SRP Live Help, you have to exit SRP Live Help, if running.
Then uninstall, using Control Panel > Programs and Features or using Uninstaller application in the installed folder.
If you missed to end the application before uninstalling, re-install SRP Live Help & then uninstall.

SRP Live Help Client Views

SRP Live Help paves you a way to change the

1-Views of Window
2-Styles of Chat Views
3-Users list

Customizing Window View

You can change the view of your chat window through

1-Settings → Display Details → Display option
2-Right click on User list → View → Choose desired view.

Pop-up View

Popup view will provide you a separate chat window for each chat.

Tabbed View

In tabbed view, your chatting users will be displayed in tabs which is attached with our messenger screen. The whole chat area belongs to a particular user, you can switch to other users to chat with them.

Customize Chat View

You can change the outlook of your chat messages in Settings → Display Details → Display option → Chat View.

User List View

You can list the user either by Name or by Group.
To sort the users, use Sort By option while right click on User list and choose either Name or Group.

Show Profile Image

Right click on User listing page and select Show Profile Picture to display user profile images in user list.

Offline Users View

You can list offline users under a separate Group as “Offline users“.
To view the offline users under a separate group
1-Go to Settings → Other options → General.
2-Check “Show offline users in a separate group” and save.
If unchecked, offline user are mingled within online users.

SRP Live Help Favorites

You can group the users whom you have to chat frequently under favorites. You can keep them apart in separate tab.

Enable “Favorites” list

To enable your “Favorites” list follow the steps given below.
1-Go to Settings > Display details > Display Options.
2-Check Show Favorites Users List Tabs.
3-Click Save.

Add users to “Favorites” list

1-To add users to “Favorites” list tab,
2-Right Click on the names of the required users and Click Add to > Favorites. 3-Favorite List will be as,

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