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Muhammet Sadid


1924: First Step

Sadid Trading Company was established by Hasan Sadid in 1924. The company was engaged in manufacturing and supplying agricultural equipment. His eldest son, Biouk Sadid, changed the group's field of activity to supplying and distributing building and industrial tools in 1946.

1987-1990: Caterpillar Market

Due to the industry mechanization in 1987, Biouk Sadid’s eldest son, Nasır Sadid, started supplying and selling Caterpillar construction equipment replacement parts.

1990: The Birth of Today’s Globally Well-Known Company

According to the market's demand in 1990, the company's field of activity was changed to supplying replacement parts suitable for Volvo construction machinery and spare parts development was launched.

2005: A Turning Point in Our History

Being prepared to participate in global markets, Nasır Sadid registered SRP as a brand in 2005 to start selling its manufactured parts. 

2015: One Step Closer to Our Own Definition of Quality

Having its own standards and definition of quality, SRP established its own factory in Konya, Türkiye, in 2015 with the aim of having more control on the production processes, the technologies employed, and the final products specifications. Over time, the latest technologies have been added to the production lines and quality control departments in order to make sure the highest possible quality is attained.


2017 : Towards a Greener Planet!

The global move towards reuse in all aspects of life and work is not something to be neglected. In line with this change, SRP established another branch in Sharjah, the UAE, in 2017 focusing mainly on supplying USED and Remanufactured spare parts in addition to brand-new items. A group of experienced technicians started running the workshop in order to provide the finest services and products.

2018 : More Facilities to Provide Better Services

SRP places a high value on time. Respecting the time of its esteemed customers and business partners, both in terms of the availability of items and the number of staff in touch with the customers, SRP felt the need to move to larger premises which was realized in 2018.
SRP moved to a 27000-m2 building so that keeping a wide range of items in stock and the-same-day-dispatch would be possible.