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Muhammet Sadid


1921: First Step

Sadid Trading Company was established by Hasan Sadid in 1921. The company was engaged in manufacturing and supplying agricultural equipment. His eldest son, Biouk Sadid, changed the group's field of activity to supplying and distributing building and industrial tools in 1945.

1987-1991 Caterpillar market

Due to the industry mechanization in 1987, Biouk Sadid’s eldest son, Nasser Sadid, started supplying and selling Caterpillar construction equipment replacement parts and changed the company name to Sadid Rah Part.

1992: The birth of today’s globally well-known company

According to the market's demand in 1992, the company's field of activity was changed from Caterpillar to Volvo Construction equipment and spare parts development was launched.

From 2003 onwards

Being prepared to participate in global markets, Nasser Sadid registered SRP as a brand in 2003 to start selling its manufactured parts. Right now, the company is known as one of the pioneers in the field of Volvo CE aftermarket spare parts.